60-Year-Old “Candy Lady” Arrested For Possession Of Cocaine And $250k In Pain Pills

drug-arrests Leola-Michelle-Austin candy-lady cocaine pain-pills drug-arrest
Photo Credit: Real Cool Videos

The longest running trap queen has finally been caught. 60-year-old Leola Michelle Austin was serving cake by the pound. Cops found 100 kilos of cocaine in her possession. She would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for her neighbors. The feds wasn't the only ones watching.

The Cops were tipped off by her neighbors. Business must have been too good, cause that traffic got heavy. Miss Leola was charged with 14 felony accounts including the possession and manufacturing of cocaine, and other drugs including $250k worth of pain pills.

They also found bundles of wrapped cash and cellphones in duffle bags. Miss Leola wasn't playing! When they asked her why she would do something like this she said every hood has a candy lady, and in her hood it was her, but she graduated to the “other” candy to send her grandkids to college. What y'all think?

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