Katt Williams New Sneakers Are Dope...Check These Out!

Katt-Williams Sneakers Fashionable-sneakers celebrities

Everyone knows that Katt Williams brings both the laughs and the style...but the new Kattpack LVL XIII shoes brings the swag game to the next level. Williams knows the clothes make the man so it makes total sense that he would create a dope shoe line. The Next Level high-tops features wide straps and gold details, bringing every man’s shoe game in line with Williams’ own unique flair, but remember these muthas are legit so don’t let anyone scuff up your night.

The LVL XIII collection is only about The Next Level – there are other dope-ass kicks in Kattpack’s utility belt. As Williams has shown, the flyer the shoes the closer to Kanye. Other styles in the collection will complete your swagger upgrade, whether at the office or the club.

How pumped are you for the release of Katt’s LVL XIII?? Holler at us now!

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