This Dog Is A True Friend!...He Waited 10 Years! For His Owner To Come Home After Dying At Work

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Photo Credit: Twitter

Dogs are definitely a man's best friend, and this dog Hachiko was ride or die.

Hachiko, a Pyrenees from Japan, became famous for being above and beyond loyal. He would follow his owner, Ueno, to the train station every day and await his return when work ended. Sadly, Ueno passed away unexpectedly one day at work, and never returned to the spot. However, Hachiko sat vigil for 10 years!, awaiting his master’s return. Talk about a true best friend.

The people at the train station soon began to know Hachiko, offering him food, water, and comfort. When prompted to leave the station, there was no way he would go. He knew his job was to be there for Ueno, and so there he stayed.

Hachiko’s story is from the 1920s, so there are very few photos of him in existence. The new photo, shown above, is believed to be from around 1934 – after nearly nine years of waiting. You seen the loyalty in his eyes, as he lays watching people go by, keeping one eye open for his master. This dog represents the connection between humans and dogs like no other – your dog is your buddy, your adventure pal, and your confidant.

What kind of connection do you have with your dog? Comment and let us know!

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