Gabourey Sidibe Claps Back To Twitter Trolls About Empire Love Scene

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If you have seen Empire, you know that the show has received a lot of criticism. That definitely isn’t stopping anyone from living their life, On a recent episode of Empire, Gabourey had a sex scene with her boyfriend. While critics are having a field day with this, she doesn’t even bat an eyelash.

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Gabourey recently told Entertainment Weekly "I, a plus sized, dark-skinned woman, had a love scene on primetime television," she wrote. "I had the most fun ever filming that scene even though I was nervous, I felt sexy and beautiful and I felt like I was doing a good job."

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"I'm very proud of the work we all did to make that scene a great opening for the episode," she added. "I keep hearing that people are 'hating' on it. I'm not sure how anyone could hate on love but that's okay. Honestly I'm at work too busy to check Twitter anyways #Booked. Hope you enjoy next week's show!”

Becky is playing no games! Don't come for her unless she sends for you!

Fans also had Gabby’s back as they retweeted her statement

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Throughout her 10 year career, Gabourey has been targeted several times for the shape of her body. That has yet to stop the award winning actress from riding to the top. If a little love scene can get people this worked up then she must be doing something right!

Body shaming is becoming an epidemic that is happening across the nation, from the rich to the poor. What do y'all think about the way Gabby handled this situation?

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