Man Catches Lime Green Car Described In Amber Alert By Surprise And Saves Toddler

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Photo Credit: Quirly Cues

Man Spots Lime Green Ford Fiesta, Ends Amber Alert

Whenever that ominous red bar flashes across the bottom of our television screens informing us that an Amber Alert has been issued and a child has gone missing, we can't help but feel a sense of sympathy and hopefulness for the victim.

Unfortunately, most of us tune back into our interrupted programs, forgetting that there's a family somewhere who needs help finding their loved ones. But when you see what this selfless Ohio man did after an Amber Alert was issued, you'll view them differently from now on.

You'd think anyone would spot this green car a mile away but that wasn't the case with this Amber Alert until one man decided he had to do something to try to save a mother and her toddler.

End result?

He brought a swift end to the whole ordeal.

On May 6th 2015, Melissa Meyers called Centerville police and said that she was going to kill herself, jump off of a bridge and kill her two year old son, Nolan Meyers.

She actually checked into the Best Western in Monroe around 9 oclock under a fake name with the lime green Ford parked in the parking lot, and this caught the attention of Steve Mattfield.

"Anyway, I went on to work...I passed by the Best Western in Monroe and peaked up in the parking lot, saw a green small car. Something told me I'd better double check."

"So as I pulled up to the stoplight, looking at the nice sunrise come up, light turned green, I went across the road and at the hotel I see a lime-green car."

"And when I seen the license plate, my heart went into an instant shock because I knew the first three letters was right but I didn't remember the last."

He left with the intent to look around and explained, " Me and the love of my life planned to have a kid. She ended up pregnant and miscarried. It was a difficult thing, but I'm blessed to say that I lost one but saved another one."

As a result of his tip to police, Melissa Meyer's son was found safe and unharmed, and was taken back up to Centerville by his grandparents.

"As I left the house, something made me do what happened today. Something forced, more or less pushed me to look in." Courtesy of Channel 9, WCPO Cincinnati

After she was brought out, Melissa Meyers was taken to a nearby hospital in Centerville, to which she then met up with proper authorities.

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