What Kind of Guy Steals Money from the Church Collection Plate??

church stealing-money stealing theft robbery
Photo Credit: YouTube

Imagine if a trusted volunteer at your place of worship was stealing money from your church? How would you react??

We literally just found about a Florida guy who was caught on tape stealing from his church’s collection plate. Even worse, he was a volunteer usher for the church he stole from? What kind of madness is happening in this world when robbing a church is the best scheme people come up with?

We have no idea if this creep has targeted other churches in his area, but what would you think if it turned out he was? It could be this dude has been stealing from all sorts of religious institutions. Maybe he branched out of traditional churches and also went to synagogues, Buddhist temples, or mosques? Seriously, what ever happened to shoplifting from Target?

This is just one man – do you think folks steal from church collection plates on the regular? It’s one thing to make change from a $10 or whatever, but straight up taking all the cash seems like a step over the line. Isn’t this why churches have food shelves, weekly dinners and all that? So that their flock doesn’thave to blatantly empty the collection baskets?

If you found out someone was stealing from your place of worship, what would you do? Be sure to weigh in on Facebook and see what others think.

-Team DL

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