Practice That Cough For Calling Out Sick...But Don't Mess Around And Get Fired

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Photo Credit: YouTube

If you have never called into work pretending to be sick, congratulations, brown noser. As for the rest of us, we know calling in sick is an art form and should be treated as such. Before, all you had to do was go practice a cough for a few minutes and you were good as gold on the phone. The Internet has made it a little harder but not impossible. Now, you have to have a legitimate sounding cough, a Facebook and Twitter post complaining about your aches and pains. Some bosses, nowadays, really aren't having it and will hit you with the dreaded, "Well, is there any reason why you can't work from home?" How many times did you have to catch yourself from blurting out, "Yes, there's a reason I can't work from home! I'm tired of your crap and need a break!"

Nobody ever wants to be fired from a job. (Unless it's the absolute worst job on the planet and you need your unemployment.) the difference between when Black people get fired and the melanin deficient getting fired are worlds apart. White people tend to go to the extreme and call corporate headquarters with a detailed grievance against their boss. If that doesn't work, they'll go postal. You know, sending Anthrax to the company through the mail or something wild like that. Black people get mad because the boss made us come into work, work the whole day and then tell us our services are no longer needed when they knew a day or two in advance we would be getting our walking papers. We had to waste gas to get there when we could've either saved the gas or used it to go on another job interview. Gas prices are crazy these days which brings us to the next point.


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